The modern work environment is characterized by a dynamic interplay of opportunities and challenges. Globalization and rapidly advancing technologies have fueled this dynamic over the past decades. This opens up numerous possibilities for both employees and employers. However, those who ignore this constant development and change in the work environment risk falling behind in the “war for talents.” This competition has notably intensified among companies in recent years, partly due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers in various industries and regions.

A common response to this are rushed campaigns by employers aimed at projecting a company brand that, unfortunately, often does not match the reality of everyday work life. The primary goal is to attract talents and, once acquired, to retain them long-term, rather than losing them to the next best offer from competitors. Buzzwords like “Flat Hierarchies”, “Welcome to the Family”, and “Flexible Working Hours” are frequently tossed around. Yet, in most cases, these do not reflect the authentic employer brand. Thus, employees constantly navigate between trust and skepticism – discerning which promises are real and which are mere marketing.

We pride ourselves on being a successful company that continues to grow steadily and stably, even amidst global crises. A key to this success is our workforce. We believe that an employer brand is not built on platitudes and marketing campaigns but is created through our daily interactions.

Reliability, trust, and authenticity are the values we live by every day. Despite our growth and expansion into new business areas and ventures, we maintain an environment that offers both the stability of an established company and the adaptability and innovative spirit of an agile medium-sized enterprise. To sustain and further strengthen this environment, it is essential that our employees not only possess the necessary qualifications but also fit into the team’s dynamics.

For us, as a goal-oriented business, the professional knowledge and expertise of our employees are indispensable. However, from an employer’s perspective, the cultural fit and the personal match among colleagues are equally important.

Hence, the COFERMIN Group has introduced a trial day as a fundamental part of our selection process. This gives applicants the opportunity to immerse themselves in our daily work, experience our company culture firsthand, and meet the team members – to get a real sense of who we are.

Ultimately, we recognize that this process involves mutual discovery and application, where we too must present ourselves convincingly. In short, while economic success and professional expertise are crucial, so is the value of exchanging pleasantries over coffee. The most technically proficient candidate is only the best fit if they mesh well with their future team’s dynamics.

Therefore, we have enjoyed engaging in activities together even after work for many years, be it the annual company run, board or PlayStation games, or our soccer team.

We value individual personality, initiative, independence, creativity, and the contributions of each individual. COFERMIN provides the space to grow and develop in one’s field. We see this as the key to stable relationships, low turnover rates, and well-being, as well as to efficiency and productivity.

Sarah Boenning

Sarah Boenning

HR Manager

I am Sarah, and since May 1, 2023, I have been responsible for the HR department of the COFERMIN Group as HR Manager. Originally, I come from Neuss am Rhein, but I have been living and working in the Ruhr area for many years now – this is where I feel at home. I look forward to shaping a vibrant and successful work culture at COFERMIN.