In the pulse of our world today, the trade of critical raw materials is confronted with a challenge surpassing any single transaction: the responsibility for our planet and its inhabitants. As a part of COFERMIN, I stand daily at the crossroads of producers and consumers, navigating global value chains and recognizing the urgent need to view sustainability not as an option, but as an imperative.

Our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy increasingly becomes a fundamental aspect of our identity, thought, and action. We acknowledge that it is our duty more than ever to sustainably protect the environment, embrace social responsibility, and promote ethical business practices. This conviction is deeply rooted in COFERMIN’s DNA, inspired by the tradition of the honorable merchant who aims not solely for profit but also for the responsible and efficient use of resources.

As supply chain managers, we have the genuine opportunity to drive positive change and make it measurable. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that our products and services meet important sustainability standards, from careful supplier selection to implementing innovative recycling processes that minimize the ecological footprint of our products.

Procuring reliable data, especially in the mining sector, poses a significant hurdle, requiring perseverance, transparency, and a willingness to question and improve existing practices. Despite these difficulties, we remain committed, leveraging our expertise and position at the “heart of the value chain” to develop pragmatic and efficient solutions that ensure measurable and transparent sustainability. We see ourselves as “Scope 3 Managers” for our clients, providing services beyond the procurement of physical goods.

We already witness transactions where the CO2 footprint of products (PCF) plays an increasingly significant role alongside price. 

The response from our clients to our ESG initiatives is further evidence of the urgency of this issue. Our clients increasingly demand transparent and sustainable practices, recognizing sustainability as not only a moral obligation but also a decisive competitive advantage. By meeting these upstream value chain requirements, we support our clients in their own sustainability efforts and also strengthen our position as a responsible and forward-looking partner in the global economy. 

For all economic actors, the goal must be to create a better future for upcoming generations by making responsible decisions today. We are convinced that through innovation, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to our values, we can meet the challenges of tomorrow and make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world.

Please understand my contribution as an introduction to the comprehensive and dynamic topic of ESG. This blog marks the beginning of a continuous journey where we will keep you updated with concrete initiatives and developments at COFERMIN. Our aim is to not only report on commitments and activities but also to make transparent the actual impacts, progress, and new competitive advantages in environmental, social, and corporate governance. We want to foster an open dialogue! So, stay tuned for upcoming posts that will shed light on the specific steps we are taking to achieve our ESG goals and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Martin Polczyk

Martin Polczyk

Chief Operating Officer at COFERMIN Group

As the COO of COFERMIN Group, I bring nearly two decades of experience in the raw materials, and steel and metal industry. At the interface between producers and consumers, I advocate for transparency and innovation in the global industry, with a special focus on digital transformation and sustainability. I am also responsible for our “Future Fit” initiative and am passionate about bridging gaps in the value chain to deliver added value to our customers and suppliers.