Sustainability and resource management are more crucial now than ever, widely discussed across sectors. At COFERMIN, we take our responsibility seriously, and I’m here to share transparently our approach towards carbon footprint management. I’m Konstantin Moog, the Sales & Marketing Manager at MINERALS by COFERMIN.


MINERALS presents a premier portfolio of raw materials for the steel, refractory, and foundry industries, along with associated services. Our diverse selection, especially of Chinese raw materials like Magnesia, Al2O3 minerals, and graphite, complements COFERMIN Group’s top-tier offerings of minerals and ores.

Our Portfolio

As a company involved in raw material supply, we face the inherent challenge of energy-intensive products and processes. From extraction to processing and transportation, each step significantly impacts our carbon footprint. We are also acutely aware of the critical discussions surrounding the mining and processing of raw materials.

To address this issue, we consider our carbon footprint on two levels: product and corporate. We rely on our suppliers’ data, supplemented by additional information, especially from logistics, rather than our own calculations alone. Our aim is to provide complete transparency regarding the CO2 balance of our products to account to our customers and society.

At the corporate level, we have the ability to directly influence our emissions, continually seeking ways to reduce them.

However, a substantial portion of our carbon footprint is naturally tied to our products. Here, we focus on transparency and information dissemination to increase awareness and identify savings opportunities along the supply chain.

As a distributor, our primary responsibility is to collect, verify, and then re-verify our suppliers’ data before passing it on to our customers. This transparency is crucial for understanding complex relationships and enabling informed decisions. We see our role not just as product suppliers but as trusted partners to our customers and suppliers, actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

I believe the issue of carbon footprint will become increasingly central in the future, influencing our choice of suppliers and partners. Our society is moving beyond mere price and quality considerations to increasingly focus on ecological balance. COFERMIN is prepared to actively participate in this journey, contributing to a more sustainable raw material supply through innovation and collaboration. In our commitment to sustainability, we see an opportunity to create both ecological and economic value. By focusing on innovative solutions and sustainable practices, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint and positively impact the entire industry and ultimately our planet.

This mindset is integral to our operations, with every employee engaged in driving the topic forward, improving, and setting a positive example. We are currently working on a sustainability report that we look forward to presenting to you next month.

Konstantin Moog

Konstantin Moog

Marketing Manager at Minerals by COFERMIN

As the Sales and Marketing Manager at Minerals by COFERMIN, I stand at the intersection between our high-quality mineral products and our valued customers worldwide. With an understanding of global markets and our partners’ needs, I continuously work to strengthen our relationships with suppliers and customers and to maximize the value of our products and services. My goal is to position COFERMIN as a trustworthy and responsible partner in the mineral industry, thereby making a positive contribution to a more sustainable future.