Not your average employer

In COFERMIN’s business people come first, commodities second. Our people make things happen, they are our most valueable resource that allows us to be the service provide you need us to be. Employee engagement and growth play a large part in our open culture, and we challenge and promote young talents to offer them the opportunity to develop according to their skills and interests.

Our team is strong for you

Our culture is built on personal engagement and transparency. At COFERMIN every team-member is familiar with a project’s details. The result: effective team work, good customer care and advice through open information flows within our project teams.

For a good cause

In addition to the respectful handling of employees and business partners, we also aim to make social responsibility part of our philosophy. We support national and international causes and actively engage in local initiatives that benefit people from the region we live in.

We’re movers and shakers – not just for our clients

COFERMIN is a firm member of the Ehrenamt Agentur Essen (e.V.), a local volunteer organization that supports social projects in the region. Our employees strongly support our effort in this regard and, amongst others, actively participate in the Essener Firmenlauf, a run for charity. We participate in this event with almost the entire team from Essen and collect donations for charity projects from business partners, friends and associates for the local project MENSCHENMÖGLICHES e.V.


Get stuck in at COFERMIN

As a constantly evolving organisation we rely on our employees’ commitment and drive to learn and grow. We give you the tools to write your own success story. Self-drive plus initiative are the best ingredients to make it with us, and we offer everyone the support they need for further personal development within our Group.

Julius Oster

‘Diamonds in the Rough‘! Apprentices wanted.

We seek the next generation of young talents and apprentices for the raw material trade. We challenge and support young talents and offer them the chance to develop their interests and and skills within our team.

Christina Mairich

Young Professionals – take the initiative

We’re always on the lookout for interesting people with experience, expertise and practical know-how in the raw materials and chemicals sectors, who strive to be entrepreneurial and successful in a team-working environment.


Derk Proff

Senior Professionals – Kickstart for entrepreneurs

To seasoned senior professionals with a meaningful portfolio of customers and suppliers in our sectors: we offer you the financial, legal and administrative infrastructure that will enable you to become an entrepreneur.

Awaken our curiosity – apply now!

Do you believe we are what you’ve been looking for? Do you feel you can add value to our team through your skills and ideas?

Stop hesitating – come and inspire us with your application:

Bettina Bohnen