COFERMIN Group References

The best reference? Satisfied customers!

COFERMIN Group accompanies and supports its partners all over the world – from market development and distribution to exploration and development of new speciality raw materials. Over the years we’ve been able to launch and establish many innovative products in the market and offer valuable alternatives to primary raw materials. We have summarized several interesting projects for you below.

Andalusite Resources

In 2004 COFERMIN took on the exclusive marketing and distribution for Andalusite Resources, who mines and processes the andalusite brand Marlusite in Thabazimbi, South Africa. Since then we’ve developed over 200 customers in the world wide refractory industry. Moreover, we’ve strategically explored and developed promising growth markets such as China and India from the bottom up for this principal.
We have grown with Andalusite Resources, accompanied and supported their business along the way, and over time helped them to more than double in size. Of primary importance for our success with this business partner was the transparent relationship between producer and agent, as well as our extensive yet lean distribution network, which COFERMIN was able to put at Andalusite Resources’ disposal.

Si- / SiC products

In close co-operation with our technical partners MINE Feuerfest, COFERMIN developed a particularly valuable secondary raw material from the cutting sludge residue of the silicon wafer production process.
Following recycling and reprocessing of the sludge, which consists of silicon carbide and SiMetal, it is supplied to the refractory industry as a homogenized and quality controlled raw material. SiSiCAR is not only of very high quality, but it also offers significant cost-savings compared to the commonly used primary raw materials. Thus a creative and innovative approach transformed a waste product into a valuable commodity.

COFERMIN Chromoxid Grün

Lanxess chrome oxide

We have marketed LANXESS chromium oxide into the refractory industry since 2009. Refractories is a niche market that’s harder to serve, due to mostly smaller offtakes from a more fragmented client base. Cofermin Chemicals has set up a suitable supply chain system over several years and today we are one of the largest partners of Lanxess’ chromium oxide business. We managed to prove that we can even add value to companies like LANXESS, who have their own capable sales teams, by helping them deliver into markets and niches which are not easy to reach.

COFERMIN Construction Chemicals

Silica Fume

For over 10 years now COFERMIN has been responsible for the recycling of a disused silica dust disposal site in southern Germany. Under our guidance this results in a fully certified, high value, secondary raw material for the building materials industry. For our customers, Silica Fume represents a reliable, available and cost effective alternative to the primary silica dust raw material, whose market is charactized by volatility and tight supply. Moreover, the rehabilitation of the disposal site is a positive example for the sustainable use of resources and ecological sustainability.

Foundry chamotte

Chamotte sand

In 2000, we were on the lookout for a reliable partner for specialty grade foundry chamottes. The czech company Refracer was identified as a viable partner. High-grade clay and two rotary kilns were available for the project and the only thing missing was the screening facility, which was speedily planned and installed. Together with this partner the required quality grade for the specialty application in mind was developed.
This way a high quality, special-grade chamotte for the foundry industry was created. Within a short space of time, COFERMIN was able to develop significant market share for itself and the producer, Refracer.