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When it comes to speciality raw materials we represent your best interest. Through us you find high-grade products for a wide range of applications at fair market prices. Whatever your supply needs we take on the fitting role to assist you. From market developers, over distributors, agents and value adders, to strategic consultants.
ferrosilicon (atomized)

Ferrosilicon (atomized)

Atomized and / or ground – FeSi15 and FeSi45 can be used in many ways in the processing of minerals and high-quality scrap, using heavy liquids. It is also used in (…)



Andalusite is a natural aluminium silicate in crystal form. Due to its volcanic origin, andalusite has excellent refractory properties and is characterised through (…)

Silica fume

Silica fume

Silica fume is a by-product from the melting process for the production of FeSi, Si-metal or fused zirconium in the electric arc furnace. It is filtered out of the (…)


Carbon black

Carbon black is produced in a reactor through the controlled combustion of oil or gas in various qualities with different properties. The main characteristic is the (…)

Reactive and tabular alumina

Reactive and tabular alumina

Tabular alumina contributes to the thermal shock and corrosion resistance of a refractory product. Calcined and reactive alumina optimise the particle (…)

Carbores - pitch binder

Carbores – pitch binder

CARBORES® is a replacement binder used for carbonaceous refractory products as well as for graphite products and is produced with a drastically reduced (…)

Zircon - sand and flour

Zircon – sand and flour

Zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4), belongs to the group of heavy minerals, contains approx. 66% ZrO2 and approx. 33% SiO2, is formed (…)



Rutile, containing 92 – 95% TiO2, is formed in sand and gravel sediments in various coastal regions and estuaries around the World. Due to its high colouring (…)

Seawater magnesia

Seawater Magnesia (UBE, Japan)

Seawater magnesia is produced in different countries, and is derived synthetically from seawater and limestone via a complex process. The UBE seawater magnesia (…)

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