Over the past decade at COFERMIN, I’ve experienced firsthand how genuine engagement in charity work can be. These efforts aren’t simply a part of a business strategy; they’re an essential aspect of our corporate identity. Over 20 years ago, our four founders knew that true success should extend beyond mere financial gains.
COFERMIN’s approach to charity encompasses a wide range of activities, from local nonprofit initiatives to international partnerships. I’m particularly impressed by our collaboration with organizations like Menschen-Mögliches e.V. and the Water Is Right Foundation, who both do transformative work that sustainably improves the lives of people, both in our immediate community as well as in disadvantaged regions of the world. Our colleagues are also personally involved in these projects, sharing their time and energy to contribute in the fund-raising. This demonstrates to me that our commitment to social issues is authentic.

Why do we engage so deeply in these efforts?
The answer is simple: it’s about taking responsibility. This responsibility doesn’t just extend to our immediate surroundings or business activities but to the whole world. The core values of our founders, emphasizing that we, as part of the global community, have a duty to help wherever we can, are a constant 

inspiration for all of us at COFERMIN. And yes, studies show that companies that take social responsibility seriously are more successful not just in society but also in the market. Our employees and customers recognize and appreciate this commitment, strengthening their loyalty and trust in COFERMIN.

There is, however, a common misunderstanding regarding social initiatives—or the concern that a significant portion of donations goes not to the intended recipients but rather to the administrative overhead of organizations. This concern isn’t unfounded, as some cases have raised questions about the efficiency of charitable organizations. However, it’s important to understand that effective charity work requires professional management, which naturally requires financial resources.

My personal experience with intensive work in this field has shown me that professionally managed organizations tend to be more effective in implementing their projects. These organizations may use some donations for administrative tasks, but the efficiency of their projects and the impact of each donated amount is significantly higher. This is because professional structures are better equipped to plan and execute projects successfully. In the U.S., for instance, many charities are run like businesses, enabling them to attract and retain talented professionals who ensure high effectiveness with the resources used. This model allows more money to be raised and has a larger impact.

I believe it’s time that we in Germany also start accepting and supporting this practice to ensure that our donations not only reach their destinations but also have the maximum impact.
Looking ahead, COFERMIN plans to deepen our social engagement further and involve employees more in decision-making processes. By engaging our teams in selecting and supporting projects, we strengthen the sense of community and foster a culture of shared responsibility. Given the pressing global challenges, like the climate crisis and social inequality, I believe it’s vital for businesses to take the lead and demonstrate how business success and sustainable social engagement can go hand in hand.
In closing, I want to encourage companies considering starting or expanding social initiatives to remain authentic and choose projects that can make a real difference. It’s essential to be transparent and ensure that aid truly reaches those who need it most. Despite the inevitable challenges, the path of social responsibility is one of the most valuable a company can take. This path requires commitment and often courage, but the rewards—for both the community and the company itself—are immense and lasting.

Andreas Pabst

Andreas Pabst

Managing Director

I am Andreas Pabst, Managing Director at COFERMIN. As a mediator, communicator and team player, it is particularly important to me to bring parties together for mutual progress. Through my many years of experience in various management positions, I have built up in-depth expertise in corporate strategy and development. At COFERMIN, I am committed to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions that make both economic and ecological sense.