The buck stops here

We offer the experience and commitment of more than 60 employees and long-term partners from all over the World. They will always act in your best interest as they take pride in their job.

If it was easy...

…everybody would do it. Even today ‘just-in-time’ takes more than simply bringing products from A to B. Certified quality, an optimised supply chain and efficient distribution are the basic ingredients and self-understood. We strive to go beyond the basics and are constantly on the lookout for new and inventive ways to make YOUR business even more successful. In the end, we at COFERMIN measure the quality of a partnership by the number of parties that gain from it.

All business is local

You will find us where you need us. We have the local presence, speak your language and know how to tackle the cultural and political challenges, which present themselves in a fast and ever changing global market. It is so easy to talk to us. That’s what makes the difference. Contacts

Responsible use of resources

As an international raw material and service provider we are aware of our responsibility towards man and nature. Accordingly the prudent and fair handling of valuable natural resources is a high priority for our company.

Natural resource conservation

We increasingly prioritise secondary raw materials of higher quality and economic value. We have been able to develop various recycling products, which can substitute an increasing number of primary raw materials. This preserves the environment and represents a substantial cost saving for our customers.

Efficient alternatives

Together with our principals such as Lanxess, Rütgers or Zschimmer & Schwarz we stand for the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection. Increasingly we’re placing emphasis on the introduction of more efficient and safe alternative products – also in emerging markets.